Wow, look what has come in

Info on some of the new items and services available in the ChefKnivesToGo online store.
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Wow, look what has come in

Post by XexoX »

I just looked at new arrivals and wow, some Konosuke HD2 Gyutos, 210 and 240, various handles,
Anryu Kurouchi Damascus Gyuto 210mm, Santoku (165mm), Bunka (165mm),
Nisaku Hori Hori Garden Knife (I asked for hori hori knives last year I think it was),
Shizu Hamono Bread Knife (only $29.95),
Shizu Hamono Pizza Cutter (only $19.95),
Tojiro R2 Powdered Steel Gyuto 300mm (only one left at $330),
and much more!
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Re: Wow, look what has come in

Post by trancher »

This one's pretty cool too, Xexo.
Hatsukokoro SG2 Hayabusa Migaki Santoku 180mm

I do like the longer santokus and bunkas and this one's got a really nice tip for it's DNA. :ugeek:
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