No Dates on Customer Reviews anymore!

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Bob Z
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No Dates on Customer Reviews anymore!

Post by Bob Z »

When I look at Yelp restaurant reviews, I always sort it by "most recent" I don't care what happened last year or 2 yrs ago. And for knives I believe they evolve and want to see the most recent stuff also but...

Sadly the dates are missing for CKTG customer reviews! ! Knife quality and attributes etc continue to change over time. Makers might respond to reviews with issues and correct them etc (or other items may go away like hand engraved kanji) and since we (and the makers ) don't know how current the review is, its more difficult to determine the value of the review. For instance, the last review for a Kono HD2 210 is mine from 4 yrs ago!
Its time to put the dates back into the reviews!
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Re: No Dates on Customer Reviews anymore!

Post by XexoX »

Oh. For a minute there I thought people were trying to use the reviews as a dating app.

I agree with you, having the dates on the reviews is important.
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Re: No Dates on Customer Reviews anymore!

Post by ChefKnivesToGo »

After the database got corrupted I decided to show dates within the past year before the dates drop off. So if you see no date the review are older than a year. I did this instead of showing corrupt dates from 1972. The other option was to delete all reviews and start over.

Here is the last reviewed product from a few days ago that shows the dates. All new ones have them.
Mark Richmond
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