Tojiro R2 Powdered Steel Petty 150mm Review

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Tojiro R2 Powdered Steel Petty 150mm Review

Post by ChefKnivesToGo »

Tojiro R2 Powdered Steel Petty 150mm
Title: Great Petty Knife
Reviewer: Phillip
Date: 2023-07-04
ITEM #: F-525
Link to item:
Rating: 5 Stars

I found this knife and this website through America's Test Kitchen/Cook's Illustrated equipment reviews, and I have to say that I'm quite impressed!

First, the knife comes super sharp out of the box, easily doing push cuts on paper or shaving hair off your arm (if that's the sort of thing you like to do to test your knife's sharpness). For more... realistic... kitchen tests, though, it cuts tomatoes tracing paper thin and can hold its own through carrots, potatoes, etc. It's not a large knife, so you definitely want to know when you will need to switch to a chef's knife, gyuto, cleaner, etc. It's also NOT a paring knife, so it's a bit too big/bulky for fine work. It's just such a fun and lovely knife to work with for all those in-between tasks, and I've found that I love it for preparing small meals for my wife and I. Sure, I could probably use a chef's knife, but this thing is just FUN and nimble!

I'm not a professional cook, just an enthusiast home cook, so take that into account for your use case. Personally, I will say that the choil could have been ground down a bit more, but I did it myself relatively quickly/easily, so it wasn't a significant issue for me.

The real danger of this knife is that now that I've tasted what a really good knife can be, I already bought myself a quality gyuto just a few weeks later.

I'm really looking forward to using this knife over the upcoming years/decades. I'm really good optimistic about what the powdered steel core will be able to do and how it will be about to be re-sharpened. I did a bit of materials engineering in college and the science/metallurgy sounds right to me!
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Re: Tojiro R2 Powdered Steel Petty 150mm Review

Post by Kalaeb »

I have been looking at this one. I am a sucker for petty knives and being R2 makes this prefect for citrus and the likes. Thanks for posting.
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