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I have a pretty angular face. And I have been using a safety razor to shave. Under my chin I get a lot of razor burn. Any advice?
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Re: Halp

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Welcome to the forum, shirleyallen!

It would be helpful for us to know what you are using (razor, blade, soap/cream)), and what your face prep and post shave routines are like. Also, how many passes and grain direction.

Throwing out a few quick ideas for ya....

-Make sure you have a new sharp blade, and your razor isn't clogged.

-Make sure your facial hair is softer by using steam or a very warm washcloth held against your face for a couple of minutes, multiple times. Shaving after a hot shower and running hot water over your face in the shower for a few minutes is a great start.

-Use a good shaving brush with a good shaving soap, and work it in well. The brush helps lift and soften the hairs and a good shaving soap protects the skin area by, ideally, allowing the razor to glide over the skin, without irritation.

-Try a pre-shave oil. This will moisturize the skin and allow the razor to pass even more smoothly over it.

-Fewer passes the better and don't go over areas without shaving soap, ie dont make a pass with the razor and then try to touch it up again without reapplying soap. I know the chin is a tough area, and its tempting...

-Make sure your first pass is WITH the grain of the hair. Your second pass, if you decide you need it, can then be across or against the grain. The hair grain under my chin changes directions dramatically from left to right. Check yours, and shave accordingly.

-Last, but not least, try a variety pack of blades from different manufacturers.
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