Nakiri Recommendation

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Nakiri Recommendation

Post by joaquin099 »

1)Pro or home cook?
Home cook

2)What kind of knife do you want? (Gyuto, Santuko, Petty, Paring, Sujihiki, etc.)

3) What size knife do you want?

4)How much do you want to spend?
$200 or less

5) Do you prefer all stainless, stainless clad over reactive carbon, or all reactive carbon construction?
I diligently take care of my things, so I don't shy away from carbon construction (would prefer white carbon #1 or #2), but I'm not averse to stainless clad either.

6)Do you prefer Western or Japanese handle?

7)What are your main knife/knives now?
I have an 8" Global Chef's knife and a Miyabi utility that I work most with.

8)Are your knife skills excellent, good, fair?
In between excellent and good.

9)What cutting techniques do you prefer? Are you a rocker, chopper or push/pull cutter?
Currently a rocker, but only because of the belly of my current knife and French training; although, would very much like to learn the best way to work with a nakiri.

10)Do you know how to sharpen?
Yes. I sharpen all my knives periodically.

I'm a graduate student, so I don't have nearly as much money as I would like to spend on this purchase, but I spend most of my free time in the kitchen and reading about cooking. I take great pride in the few things that I have been able to purchase, as well as care. I'm looking to extend my knife collection to include a Nakiri; however, I'm somewhat overwhelmed by all the unknown-to-me manufacturers and styles. The videos and descriptions have been somewhat helpful, but I'm still ignorant as to why I should prefer one over another and even more so the reputation certain blacksmiths or lines/models may have. I ask for your knowledge and expertise to help me find a special Nakiri. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.

- Joaquin

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Re: Nakiri Recommendation

Post by Bob Z »

Welcome to the forum!

As you can see there are a large number of choices and opinions from both pro's and home users you will encounter. With over 50 Nakiris in your
selection criteria available, what to choose? Being where you are a few years ago i can give some pointers from my nakiri journey.
Have had 7 so far and own 4 now. I would recommend to start with stainless clad in either a blue#2 or white#2 steel or maybe Blue super (AS)

All of the Nakiris are going to cut, but how long will the edge retention be, how easy will they be to sharpen, what kind of handle should I get and
food release are going to determine how well you like your new knife.

Food Release:
Over time i found that moist veggies (cukes, apples etc) glue to smooth sided nakiris I tried, and the textured sides seems to work better with food release. Whats textured? hammered, nashiji, patterns. Anything to break up the surface tension even Kurouchi (blacksmith finish). Of course the grind of the knife will affect this also but thats not always easy to determine by looking at it.

There are some knives where the blade is decent but the handle is cheaper. Typically oval ho wood while at the other extreme some knives here are cheaper knives with more expensive custom stabilized dyed wood. Handles can also be different shapes like oval, D shape, octagonal and hybrid. I like the octagonal and D shapes most and oval the least.

Without droning on, I would recommend the following:
I have one of these and use it all the time, its become my fav choice. Price is reasonable, handle is nice, basically stainless and the edge was great, and easy to maintain.

My next choice would be;
While its not in stock atm, they come in frequently and are very popular and have many good recommendations. Handle not the best but you get a decent knife.

Next choice would be:
I have the bunka version of this, and these are very nice knives. great appeal, sharpness oob etc. This one is all stainless.

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Re: Nakiri Recommendation

Post by taz575 »


I have these 3 Nakiri for sale still from the post I linked. Top 2 are carbon and Kurouchi finish(Tojiro on the top with a custom octagon non stabilized wood handle, Tanaka in the middle with the micarta ferrule and stabilized wildebeast bone handle) and a reground/thinned Artifex converted to a Wa handle (stabilized walnut burl ferrule and maple burl octagon handle) on the bottom. The Tanaka has been thinned on the bevel and with the heavier stabilized bone handle, sticks into my wood end grain cutting board easily. Any of these 3 would do what you are looking for and be an awesome deal with the custom handles on them already! The 2 carbon Nakiri's are taller than the all stainless Artifex.

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Re: Nakiri Recommendation

Post by gladius »

Grind contributes to food release as well as finish. My favorite (right now) is the Moritaka AS Tall Nakiri which is a good compliment to my Moritaka AS Chuka Bocho 210mm. Great steel, excellent heat treat, superb grind and food release make for an enjoyable cutting experience. Highly recommended! (read comments)


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Re: Nakiri Recommendation

Post by timc247 »

really great nakiri, i believe knifewear also carrys it.

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