shun edge and old eyes

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shun edge and old eyes

Post by rspjr016 »

Hello All
Im brand new to the forum and I'd like to throw my first question out there. I have been using my ep apex for a good while now with great results. I usually use a sharpie find the blade angle of the blades im sharpening and it works fantastic! So here is the question. My wife got me a shun classic 8 inch chefs knife for xmas. I have read that the blade is sharpened at a 16 degree angle. Now i know my eyes are getting old but do i locate the angle in the same manner?? The edge seems so small that i cant seem to it lol. Should i just set the angle to 16 degrees with my angle cube and sharpen as usuall?? Any help would be great!!

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Re: shun edge and old eyes

Post by Radar53 »

Hi there Bob and welcome to the forum.

I don't know the RHC hardness rating for your Shun but 16 degrees per side (dps) would be a good starting point, firstly to see how you like it at that and check that the knife doesn't (micro) chip and that you get a reasonable life out of the edge in your normal use. Once you've tried it there if all is good then you can explore from there.

The edge bevel might appear small if you are used to thicker knives and you don't thin your blade periodically over time. If the Shun is reasonably thin behind the edge then a 16dps bevel could well appear small.

There's a couple of approaches you can take here. FIrstly, easy peasy, just set it up as previously and you're good to go. (I'm assuming that you set your EP up, have the knife on the blade table, with the stone resting on the edge of the knife and then adjust the EP so that angle cube reads 16dps.)

Secondly, you can set it up so that it absolutely duplicates the factory edge. Factory edges can vary a bit from the stated spec, but having said that I would think that the Shun should be very close. So then Sharpie you edge, and load your finest stone in the EP and adjust the angle so that it takes the Sharpie off right down to the edge-of-the-edge. Measure / confirm this angle with your angle cube and this is the actual angle you need. From here, load up the first stone of your progression and check / adjust the set-up to repeat the previously measured angle, check that set-up on the Sharpie & if it all matches up you're good to go. You should just check against the Sharpie for each successive stone, as if your stone thickness varies a bit then so will the cutting angle.

Lastly, the Shun is made from a steel called VG Max and if you are using the standard EP stones I think that you might struggle. The standard stones are OK if you are not using premium or harder steels. I remember the first VG10 knife I sharpened with standard stones and the feeling was like the stone was ice skating across the edge of the blade. If you find this to be the case then you're in for a lot of frustration. The solution is to get some third party stones (eg Shapton Glass). These are like night & day better. Mark sells a good selection of different third party stones so come back if you want some thoughts on those.

HTH & welcome to the rabbit hole!!!!!!!!
Cheers Grant

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Re: shun edge and old eyes

Post by lsboogy »

I've got a few Shuns (mostly NSF knives for use in kitchens that require it), and they can be sharpened at 12-15 degrees easily. And I use mostly very soft stones that make lots of mud. Take your time and you will be happy - I did some Miyabi knives for a neighbor last week on a set of soft stones, very hard steel but they were subdued by my soft stones. But lots of people here love shapton stuff, and you might as well. Nothing wrong with getting a few stones to try

One thing that always should occur is a phone call with Ken123 - I love talking with him - he has never steered me wrong and I seem to get more stones every time I talk with him. Deep knowledge and once he understands how you sharpen, he will steer you straight. Sharpening is personal and needs to be practiced to become proficient. I tend to sharpen knives a couple times a month (or more) just to keep the zen thing going. I've done about 15 blades in the past week, mostly for neighbor's, and I have a nice lot to do tomorrow at siblings houses (I hope brother comes over to sisters or vice versa, but I will accommodate as I get a nice meal for my efforts)

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Re: shun edge and old eyes

Post by mwong61 »

Hey Bob,

Just discovered CKTG (and bought 3 knives a bunch of stones holy's a dangerous site!....)

I emailed Ben at EdgePro some years ago for some advice on sharpening Shun knives and I have pasted his email to me below.

I've followed his recommendation with very good results with the stock stones. (Keep them very wet). Having said that, I just ordered a set of Shapton Glass Stones for the EdgePro. Looking forward to trying them. Hope this helps. Michael-



Yes, regular kitchen knives are sharpened set at 21 degrees which puts a 19 degree bevel on the knife. When you rest on the FACE of the blade the angle you are putting on the knife is always lower. The Japanese knives are thinner so you get less drop. You sharpen your Japanese knife at 18 degrees which will put 17 degrees on the knife. If the knife is dull start with a 400 and if it close to sharp start with the 1000. Then polish the edge with the 2000 and 3000 polish tapes. We do not use the ceramic hone on the polished edge. Tipically a regular edge, finished with a stone, will last 2 to 3 weeks in the average home kitchen. Then you can bring the edge back with the hone 10 to 15 times before you need to resharpen the knife. The polished edge is much stronger and should last 2 to 3 months. When it starts to fade you bring it back with just the polish tapes. I have been doing my Japanese knife every 3 months for 2 years and have not needed anything coarser than the tapes.

Get back to me with questions.



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