Refurbishing straight razor

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Refurbishing straight razor

Post by Gregory27 »

I know straight razors aren't really the most common topic here, but I thought I'd start out by asking a community that I know and trust. I bought an old Spike straight razor that I cleaned up, and sent through a full progression of stones to put a new edge on it. That included removing a small frown in the blade. I've shaved with it a few times now, but I'm suspecting that it should shave more cleanly that it is. I'm curious if during the process of grinding down the edge to fix the frown, if I may have thrown off the geometry between the edge and the spine, resulting in an edge that isn't as steep as it should be. Does this happen? Would one just grind down the spine a little bit to fix that? Does anybody even know what I'm talking about? Because I'm only 75% sure that I understand myself.

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Re: Refurbishing straight razor

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I understand what you are talking about and I don't even own a straight. I only just began learning about them and do see that one is supposed to lay the blade flat to the spine as this gives the proper angle to the edge. You say you removed a small frown on the edge.I wouldn't think that would be a big deal myself.Keep trying it out but just don't get to close to the juggler until you get the edge right.Me,I think I will stick to my DE because I shake to much.I would probably cut my head off with a straight.

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Re: Refurbishing straight razor

Post by nakneker »

Dr Matt has a lot of straight razor videos on you tube and addresses just about every topic concerning them. I like him because he is a fanatic about the subject and explains things simply and clearly. Here’s a link, check it out.

He is also a friend of Marks and has some videos here, I thought the link might help you though. ... matt+razor
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Re: Refurbishing straight razor

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Short answer is yes, the geometry of the edge will change when grinding down the frown unless you grind away the spine at the same rate. Otherwise the edge is steeper as you suspect. Still should be able to get a good shave, and should be able to grind the spine down a bit at a time to get the angle back down. Will be some work, but that’s just what it is trying to refurbish straights.

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Refurbishing straight razor

Post by Compces »

pretty cool video. Those are harder to make than people think. Beautiful razor though

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