Smashing/crushing garlic cloves?

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Re: Smashing/crushing garlic cloves?

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STPepper9 wrote: Thu Jan 02, 2020 11:28 am When you use a san mai knife, be thoughtful about where are you put pressure, instead of using the handle to push down or slap, position the knife over the garlic and use your other hand in a fist and tap down directly above the garlic so you don’t cause lateral strain on the knife blade. If you do cause the knife to bend it should be easy to bend back. if you are doing a lot of garlic however, this would be a good time to consider using a beater.
Also, check out Martin Yan technique if you’ve never seen it.
I like it so much doing like Martin Yan ! Thanks for sharing
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Re: Smashing/crushing garlic cloves?

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honestly in the kitchen, i slice off the root end of garlic cloves, put them in between 2 bowls so the lips are touching each other and shake it like hell!
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Re: Smashing/crushing garlic cloves?

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throw in some salt and turn that garlic into a paste
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Re: Smashing/crushing garlic cloves?

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If you’re not making paste and need whole cloves for slicing or microplaning, soak the cloves in hot water for 15 minutes. They slide right out.
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Re: Smashing/crushing garlic cloves?

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Jars and handle butts work well. It would also be fun to have a dedicated rock for garlic smashing
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Re: Smashing/crushing garlic cloves?

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I have a board scraper I always keep close that I use.
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