Knives Lost in Move

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Knives Lost in Move

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I have had all my knives lost by movers during a move. Insurance is covering the replacement costs but I’m pretty bummed that my collection of knives were the only things lost.

Replacing a Konosuke HD2 240MM, Zwilling Bob Kramer 10 inch, masakage yuki 180MM, Kurosaki AS 240MM, and a few shuns.

1)Pro or home cook? Home

2)What kind of knife do you want? (Gyuto, Santoku, Petty, Paring, Sujihiki, etc.) Gyuto

3) What size knife do you want? 1 or 2 240MM gyutos 1 180MM

4)How much do you want to spend? Up to $1,500

5) Do you prefer all stainless, stainless clad over reactive carbon, or all reactive carbon construction? Pretty open

6)Do you prefer Western or Japanese handle? Mix

7)What are your main knife/knives now? See above

8)Are your knife skills excellent, good, fair? Good

9)What cutting techniques do you prefer? Are you a rocker, chopper or push/pull cutter? Push/Pull

10)Do you know how to sharpen? Use local shop who does an excellent job

Please also add any additional pertinent information that can help everyone with suggestions. Kurosaki 240MM was probably my least favorite knife I had. I generally reached for the Konosuke or Kramer the most. If I was chopping shallots/garlic, or smaller items I would reach for the Masakage. I’ve already decided to get a Masakage Koishi honesuki since I’ve always wanted one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Could use any upgrade recommendations as I acquired these knives over the years. Generally like flatter profiles. I remember a couple years ago the KS profile was all the rage, and am curious if anyone recommends them as highly still.

I’m thinking one laser, one beefier knife, and one small gyuto or utility knife
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Re: Knives Lost in Move

Post by cliff »

Ouch, so sorry to hear about this. I love my 270 KS, but the feeding frenzy over them has eased. The Moritaka KS style gyuto is in stock at the moment and is very well regarded. Here are a handful of other options.
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Re: Knives Lost in Move

Post by Ut_ron »


Workhorse - Gihei Blue #2 Gyuto 240mm

For 180 - Anryu AS Gyuto 180mm unfortunately out of stock at this time
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Re: Knives Lost in Move

Post by Infrared »

Kamo VG10 Suminagashi Gyuto 240mm

Matsubara Blue #2 Nashiji KS Gyuto 240mm

Tsubaki Blue #2 Bunka 180mm
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Re: Knives Lost in Move

Post by CharlieHustle »

That Anryu Gyuto is a beast. Sorry for your loss
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Re: Knives Lost in Move

Post by Emieloss »

Since you like a flatter profile I could really recommand a Moritaka. The problem I had with mine was that the tip was a bit too thick so I had to thin it. Since you state you'd like to try a kiritsuke that would eliminate that problem :) They have a beautiful KU finish and the heattreat they give the core steel is amazing. They get screamingly sharp and hold that sharpness for a long time. They're not pure hardcore unforgiving workhorses but certainly beefier than a laser.

You could also take a look at the Shibata Kotetsu or Kashima, that is a laser so doesn't take abuse as well as the Moritaka. Crazy sharpness and edge retention though. They have the an amamazing tip which is very very nice for flipping through onions. Great knives with excellent fit and finish.
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