Carving knife and meat trimming knife

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Re: Carving knife and meat trimming knife

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I like a stiff blade for trimming silver skin and pork butt and use a double-bevel honesuki. Others prefer flexible blades.

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Re: Carving knife and meat trimming knife

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Asteroinr34 wrote:
Thu Oct 15, 2020 5:18 am
I believe, for meat the best variant is a special meat slicer. If I need to make everything perfectly, I use it. I have one for home and it works nice on my (not really big) kitchen. So, I may advice you to think over purchase something like a special slicer. It's much easier and faster to use it for huge amount of meat. If we are talking about ordinary meat knifes, I have my Swedish meat knife and I like it. It's pretty old, but it still good works.
Ok, some time ago my wife tried to slice not only meat with a slicer, but also cheese and you know what? It worked perfectly with it. So, niw, I completely sure it is a nice tool for kitchen lol

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