A few new stones to my collection 2k Platinum and 10k Suehiro

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A few new stones to my collection 2k Platinum and 10k Suehiro

Post by Miles »

Wow! spent a couple hours on the stones last night i bought from you 2k and 10k- A few progressions from 1000 at a very leisurely pace. 1k Naniwa Pro, 2k Platinum, 5k Rika, 10k Suehiro, strop 1.0, 0.5. The first go around was with a Yoshikane W2 240. At 2000 (new) Some immediate observations-a wider stone, fast slurry, good feedback. Check the edge- oh ok. Way more aggressive than the Kohetsu 2k. Then at 10k (new) the knife glides over the stone. after experimenting with pressure I get to a spot where I’m pressing medium/light and it feels right. There’s a little bit of feedback but it’s kind of like firm stropping (?) but with leading edge involved. Paper check- oh this is nice, smooth. Strop time- cktg 1.0 and 0.5 on balsa. Damn! this is the sharpest I’ve gotten a knife to. I do the same with Yoshikane Skd 210 ktip- man waaay sharper than factory. Last Makoto ryusei 210 AS. In the time that I’ve owned this knife I’ve never gotten it crazy sharp and it’s been a bit perplexing. Well... that’s changed. This is a razor. I think the W2 and SKD are pretty similar in sharpness with the AS ever so slightly less. Biggest takeaway- those two stones you sold me are SWEET. I’m sure it’s my technique too But wow. 10k is awesome and I think that stronger starting point at 2k is making a difference. Fun stuff. Is there going to be a significant difference in a platinum 1k vs my chosera? I like it but man that 2k gives me a taste of the good stuff.

Thanks! I really appreciate the time you spent with me. I’m looking fwd to more sharpening. It’s fun when it’s CRAZY sharp

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Re: A few new stones to my collection 2k Platinum and 10k Suehiro

Post by ken123 »

Thanks for a great review!!

The 2k Speckled ume has not been 'around' as much as many other2k stones. Its almost a secret. It is a harder stone - particularly good where you might use a Shapton or for straight raxors.

The Suehiro Gokymo is another unusual stone using a 1 micron particle so it acts like a 16k Shapton (or better). Another extremely hard precise stone. Perfect razor stone.

Again thanks for the review!


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