Capitalizing on my mistakes

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Capitalizing on my mistakes

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Hey there,
I hope you’re all staying safe. I created a new article on my Blog but I have a hard time inserting links. I think my Blog is easy to find anyway.
I was asked to talk about some of the sharpening mistakes I’ve made and I decided to write about that and what I did about them.

It’s important to make mistakes, to fail but only if your ego prevents you from realizing a mistake was made. Lots of times it’s not really a mistake but a lack of knowledge.
Anyway I don’t have any freaking knives to sharpen right now so the Blog kept me busy for a bit.

Take care if yourselves and stay home.

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Re: Capitalizing on my mistakes

Post by Altadan »

Hey Peter,

I was reading through your mistakes, and I gotta tell ya - even though it's mostly a permutation of the "Sharpening School" which formed my foundations some three years ago in my sharpening journey - I really benefited from getting "back to basics" with ya!
I was falling for the same fear of sharpening properly lest I be losing steel, but your emphasis on different levels of pressure - even on coarse stones - and the need to feel for the burr... it was good. I've got a knife that is blowing my senses now thanks to that little read!
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