Takeda Sharpening

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Takeda Sharpening

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I used to struggle with Takeda Knife Sharpening. I have the Takeda hand held stone which works quite nicely but I wanted to sharpen it “normally”. I didn’t really struggle with it but I know folks that do. I put my personal technique up on my Blog. The biggest thing of course is the zero grind which actually makes sharpening the knife easier theoretically. I just had to figure out the pressure point locations.

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Re: Takeda Sharpening

Post by Altadan »

Thanks so much for sharing this resource Peter!

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Re: Takeda Sharpening

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Takeda blades are so thin , it is very hard for me to try to sharping them evenly , will slowly to working on it ! lol

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Re: Takeda Sharpening

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Hi Peter. As usual... an excellent article. Thank you for it.

You've confirmed something I've been fiddling with in practice: The finger placement thing right before switching stones. It's what I kind of "migrated to" on my own.

Since I don't sharpen enough to have my muscle memory locked in for Takedas I always use the sharpie trick when I'm working on one of his knives. Amazing what it reveals about your technique... Anyway, one of those things was I was a little light on the edge... moving my fingers down the blade face solved that problem.

For me, I always endeavor to try to maintain the same zero grnd angle at the edge as fruther up the blade face so I don't consciously raise the angle but in practice I know I do ultimately.

Anyway thanks for another good article on how to sharpen these wonderful blades. I know they're perplexing to some.. as they were to me when I tried sharpening them normally... But once learned so rewarding...

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