Black Lotus Knives

See what's happening with current or completed "Pass Arounds". Forum members occasionally send knives or sharpening stones around to a hand selected group of participants for short term use and feedback/reviews.
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Re: Black Lotus Knives

Post by pd7077 »

Georgek wrote: Thu Jan 09, 2020 8:01 pm Knife arrived today, all in good order and it is stunning !
George, could you post a few photos? I’m curious to see how the cladding has held up in terms of patina over time.
--- Steve
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Re: Black Lotus Knives

Post by ashy2classy »

Checking in as I received the knife earlier this week. My impressions during its very brief visit...

Makeup: I love the heft of the blade, thick spine and thin edge. Profile works well and finish is nice. I wish I could have seen it freshly polished! Handle was a bit too large for my small hands. For me if the handle would have been smaller and shorter it would have felt really nice in the hand. Still felt good, however.

Performance: Based on previous reviews, I expected it to wedge more, but the knife performed really well. I tried it with carrots, celery and potatoes and the BL made easy work of them. Contact with the board felt very solid which I like. I hate when a blade feels soft or doesn't provide much feedback when hitting the board. This one felt great!

Overall: I told Steve after trying the PA I contacted Jeff to see if his books were open. He confirmed they were and that if I wanted a spot I just had to submit my deposit via his website. I DEFINITELY see myself owning a Black Lotus blade in the future because Jeff's work is fantastic!

Thanks to Steve (@pd7077) for organizing the PA!!!
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Re: Black Lotus Knives

Post by Captaincaed »

This shops damascus work is unreal. Very cool to see a PA, even after the fact
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Re: Black Lotus Knives

Post by Bob Z »

Its time for a new pass around, ideas?
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