Gihei 240 gyuto vs Toyama

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Re: Gihei 240 gyuto vs Toyama

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Georgek wrote:
Wed Oct 04, 2017 4:31 pm
Great comparison Ed, glad you liked them! Now I need to try a Gihei! Damn! ;)
Maybe I'll do a passaround...after I get the other knives back

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Re: Gihei 240 gyuto vs Toyama

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Why did I have to re read this thread?
Great review of a couple of knives I have been eying. Liked Ed's comments too.
That Akebono really resonated with me to the point that I need to start saving.

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Re: Gihei 240 gyuto vs Toyama

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Compared to all my other knives in the kitchen,Gyutos and what not,my Gihei 240 Blue#2, is like bringing a big brother to the fight.
That was a nice review that I finally got around to reading after stumbling across it.Thanks.

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Re: Gihei 240 gyuto vs Toyama

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Not knowing anything about real Japanese Chef knives, it's really good to read reviews like you posted, your review really gave be some real insight to how both these knife's feel in ones hand.
And i thank you for taking the time to write your post and for the pictures.

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Re: Gihei 240 gyuto vs Toyama

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I’m curious, now that Toyama is making stainless clad knives, how they would fit in the equation.

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Re: Gihei 240 gyuto vs Toyama

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My experience on the 210 is that the stainless clad feels much lighter. It also starts out thicker at the spine but tapers a but more quickly.the weight is the biggest difference I feel.

I don’t yet have a preference between the two and still alternate every few days to try to settle on a favorite.

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