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Re: Knives-n'-Cabbages

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ronnie_suburban wrote:
Thu May 14, 2020 2:40 pm
I cut it up and left it on the board. Hopefully, inspiration arrives soon . . .

Kanehide PS60 Gyuto 210mm & Purple Cabbage
Nice shot!

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Re: Knives-n'-Cabbages

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love how purple that cabbage is & Kanehide has pretty lines and I like the lighter handle.

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Re: Knives-n'-Cabbages

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This time with my go-to gyuto,
Tanaka VG10 nashiji vs. cabbage, chorizos, and some good good love (on a bed of rice)
IMG_20200518_165632282 (1).jpg
On a different note, could it possibly be ginsan instead of VG10? I haven't seen this offering anywhere else, but the blade certainly looks like the
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Re: Knives-n'-Cabbages

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Yuki making the slaw for a fish fry.

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