Take 2

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Take 2

Post by ChefKnivesToGo »

I tried showing the stones better.

I put a note to the customer for fun.

Said a few words to tell customers what I was doing.

Screwed up the shaving test but the paper test worked out.

I'll keep playing around with the format. I'm going to switch to some other stones soon.

Mark Richmond
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Re: Take 2

Post by d_rap »

Really enjoyed this one.

Ronnie's right, the sound is great; you get enough feedback listening in the video to make sense of your variations in pressure and your decisions about when to move up to the next stone. And you can really see the grits this time.

Looks like one of those fancy Nanohone lapping plates, right? How do you like those for flattening and chamfering?
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Re: Take 2

Post by 7x57mm@gmail.com »

What is that wood/leather? paddle thang that you used a the end?
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